Monday, 27 June 2011

Which Pretty Little Liars’ Name is ‘Trouble’?

Is it A or someone else who has arrived to intrigue the already beleaguered clique of Pretty Little Liars?

You never know, since the imminent batch will revolve around the same subject.

But, the title has surely given jitters to many. Every pretty enthusiast is thinking, whether it will be a little liar’s name or somebody else’s!

That can’t be figured out until the Pretty Little Liars season 2 episode 3 releases. Watch out guys, since it is expected to hit the screens on June 28.

I am really excited to catch up with it!

Well, to tell you something about its occurrences, you will witness Emily fooling her mother regarding her being the swimming scholar of her college.

On the other hand, Ezra will be constantly chased by Aria, while the latter seeks admission in the college pottery class, to remain in contact with the former.

So, I can sense a fling in the air. Can you? Well, it’s pretty evident!

Shifting your focus to Spencer; you will witness Alison’ brother being spied upon by Spencer!

Myriad hues of trouble and excitement will be concocted in such a way that the viewers are compelled to figure out whose name is trouble, right till the end.

So, do share how your journey was when you view the installment!

Till then, it’s me going in search for some more updates on the same! You can surely come back for more.

Monday, 20 June 2011

That Goodbye Look on the Faces of Pretty Little Liars!

Parting from someone can bring out the best in a relationship, and can even force a being to find the ways to avoid the situation. Something similar will be seen in the next episode of Pretty Little Liars!

The girls, who have stood by each other in every setting, would be seen having a really hard time staying together! When paths are set for Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer to walk on their own, they will come to know about the bond that they have shared all this while, and would find ways to evade the situation.

Emily, whose family is shifting base from Rosewood to Texas, would be seen having a hard time with the whole set up. Looking to avoid moving, she will stumble across a person who will pave the path for her.
 Would she be able to milk the opportunity in front of her, or will her family play spoilsport in the entire setup? Catch Pretty Little Liars season 2 episode 2 to see what events unfold with Emily.

Hanna would witness the homecoming of her father. While the atmosphere will change because of her father, she will see another window open in the form of Mona. She will ponder on all that has happened in the past, and would have thoughts about letting the past rest in peace.

Would she be able to forget what unfolded between them, and embrace Mona, or will all of this prove to be too much for her?

Spencer will lend her support to Toby, who is all charged up about taking a break from Rosewood and family matters. While this happens, Ezra will plead Aria to see him one last time so that he can bring the past to rest. But Aria would have her doubts about the meeting.

Pretty Little Liars will not be same from here on, as the girls may set out on entirely different paths!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Ashley Benson Never Goes Wrong!

Looking at the celebrities of the glamour world makes one envious over the attributes God has bestowed on them. In their perfect dresses and flawless make up, they just look heavenly. 
But on closer observation, one will find that these stars also have their share of bad hair days and wardrobe malfunctions. The list will cover a lot from the glitterati world, but there exist some souls that never go wrong with their fashion sense.

While, research may be going on to find the genes responsible for the attribute (just kidding), I will name one starlet who comes in the coveted list.

The name is - Ashley Benson.

Yes, the Pretty Little Liars star belongs to that rare breed.

And to justify my case, I will cite her recent appearance that she made on the premiere of the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. The gorgeous lady was dressed in a short dress. The dress was an Alice + Olivia, and perfectly complemented the natural beauty of Ashley, who enthralled the audience in Pretty Little Liars with her beauty as well as acting skills.

Pretty Little Liars episodes would be a good source to warm one’s eyes on the beauty that has been sending ripples across the fashion world.

The widely acclaimed actor is also a model and has walked the ramp for one of the biggest brands. This may be the reason for her amazing dressing sense.

After all, experience speaks for itself. Want to experience it first hand?

Well, you can do that when you download Pretty Little Liars!