Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Pretty Little Liars All Set For a Grave Turn!

pretty little liars season 2 episode 12
Welcome to the mysterious world of Rosewood!

Till now, the present arc has unveiled some slightly pleasant turns for the four girls, but their honeymoon period is over. They now have to face repercussions of one of the biggest mistakes of their lives.

Perhaps, it is going to be the most spectacular twist of the ongoing arc.

Stay tuned to know it all!

We all know that Aria, Emily, Spencer and Hanna have disclosed the secret of ‘A’ to their psychiatrist. After this unplanned revelation, they will be forced to take some death-defying tests. And now, only these tests can protect them from the impending danger.

The four liars have already signed their death warrant, and any further mistake can take away their lives.

‘A’ believes in the ‘carrot and stick’ theory, and the girls will have to pay for what they have done. Each of the girls will be given an exclusive task. And during the entire task, their dear ones’ lives will be at stake.

Moreover, if they miss this chance to rebuild their confidence, ‘A’ will leave no chance in digging their graves!
Will the Rosewood girl gang be able to build their confidence once again?

It is not as easy as it seems; I just hope that they get a fair chance to prove themselves.

Believe it or not, but the final verdict of ‘A’ will completely change the lives of these girls. Pretty Little Liars season 2 episode 12 promises loads of mystery-laden moments, and a grave turn too.

Till now, the foursome has faced everything with great courage and energy, but the upcoming mission seems more challenging than previous ones.

Let’s wait, and watch for what may happen next!

Monday, 22 August 2011

Dr. Sullivan – Hush! We Wanna Tell You Something!

pretty little liars season 2 episode 11
This has been an entertainer of sorts, to have come up on small screen with the perfect mix of ingredients of thrill, mystery and excitement!

Ugh! Do I have to go into rhetorical mode all over again! I shrug it you know!

Leave it. Just tune in to Pretty Little Liars season 2 episode 11as it goes on air, and catch up with the four gorgeous lasses dealing with a tough situation, yet again!

What is it with these girlies that reprieve seems to drift away from them, however hard they try to seek solace in their respective lives!

Should I assume it to be a conspiracy of fate that intends to teach a lesson to these four ladies in a harsh manner?

Or, is it the ploy of ‘A’ that is so very flawless, that it compels us to see its outcome, as we tend to take the download route so very often!

As per the proceedings of the previous batch, Emily seemed to have had enough of it when ‘A’ had turned up unexpectedly during her massage session at the spa!

Well, that scared the hell out of me, as I wondered how every nook and corner is accessible to ’A’!

Now Emily is in a hyperventilated mood, giving an impression to the rest of the trio - Aria, Hanna and Spencer that she cannot endure it any longer!

So it’s time for the bubble to burst in its entirety! Not really!

These four not-so-naïve gals would decide to tell it all to their counselor, Dr. Sullivan!

A fifth comrade in the making?

Well, that is what the turn of events seems to indicate!

Dr. Sullivan would be the vanguard of all those hushed-up secrets from now, hope she turns out to be a savior for these tragedy-struck girls!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Love examinations for Aria!

pretty little liars season 2 episode 10
I guess Jason was a good photographer and so God knows why he kept these skills under cover so long! Probably, then he could have won Aria much more easily with all that ‘photographer fame’ on his shoulders.

But then, the fact remains that he had to watch out for people not happy with his presence in Rosewood and more important than that, he had to be more careful with those snaps of the sleeping Aria.

But when the photographs came out, it was all haywire, although there are reasons why the photographs got revealed. One that Jason, a pot smoker, might have messed it completely as he tried to hide the photographs quickly. The second being that it was all pre-planned and intentional to portray himself as one lost in Aria..

As Spencer and Emily rush into the Montgomery residence, Aria is shocked to see them behave so frantically and then gets the shock of her life when she sees her pictures that they stole from Jason’s residence.

Pretty Little Liars season 2 episode 10 would show the confrontations that Aria has to deal with. Was it her strong love for Jason that stood against these petty accusations? Will her feminine instincts actually get attracted to Jason’s fascination for still body?

Hanna actually tries to act nice and straight with Kate, her stepsister, and Emily has already lost her ties with Samar. She now no more wants to follow A’s orders. We will soon find out if Emily can manage to show her anger or if A would torment her to absolute breakdown.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Turbulence Continues At Rosewood!

pretty little liars
Woes of these four beauteous girls, don’t hint at ending any sooner!

The mystery of ‘A’ continues, as the whirlwind of doubt seems to take in its grip Spencer’s father this time!
Well, that was the connivance of one of the previous batches, when a hockey stick emerged from the barn of Spencer’s house.

This inanimate object, as discovered by Toby, pointed fingers at Spencer’s father, as he fell into the suspicion trap for Alison’s murder!

Catch up with Pretty Little Liars season 2 episode 9 once it is aired and catch up with this intriguing teen drama that seems to get interesting with every passing day.

Just like all the erstwhile installments of the show, this upcoming batch is also a must watch, since Jason would be scrutinized thoroughly.

Jason, Alison’s brother, has been a more or less antagonistic character ever since he has made a foray into Rosewood. Even in the first season, he had tried to blackmail Spencer by saying that he knew some of their deeply buried secrets via Alison.

The upcoming batch would showcase Spencer intruding into Jason’s house along with Emily, in the hope of finding something that this obnoxious lad might be hiding!

Meanwhile, a weird love angle is being formed between Aria and Jason.

This development would definitely pose questions to the very relationship between Aria and Ezra.

Could this be another sinister machination of Jason yielding its result, since Aria continues to be attracted towards him?

If this love does develop into something serious, then the pretty, little, liars would be confronted with real tough days ahead!

Meanwhile, Hanna helps Caleb arrive at a decision regarding his family, with certain doubts coming into her mind, related to her own family.

Oh! That happens, falling into a dilemma while helping someone else cope with a quagmire!

It seems pandemonium would continue to rule the roost, at least for a while, at Rosewood!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

How Lucy Hale Came To Be Hailed!

pretty little liars
Making big in today’s competitive world is not a simple task. Try to climb the stair of success, and many hands would suddenly appear to pull you down. But there are some people who have toiled hard for their dreams, and have managed to rise like a phoenix, after every fall.

Lucy Hale is one such young starlet, who has tasted the fruit of glory with her perseverance and dedication.

Today, she is a known name in the television industry, and has proved her talent and acting prowess in Pretty Little Liars episodes.

But, most of us are only familiar with her meteoric rise and completely oblivious of her struggle to make a name in cinema world.

So buckle up, and read on to know what all Lucy has seen to reach the present stage of stardom.

The name her parents gave her is Karen Lucille Hale. Most of her earlier years were spent in Memphis, Tennessee. As she grew up, she acknowledged having a fascination for stage work.

Before landing the career-changing role in Pretty Little Liars, she became a part of many television shows, but was not able to explore her talent. Then came, the teenage television series, in which she portrays the character of Aria Montgomery.

In year 2010, her hard work paid, and she bagged Teen Choice Award for her role!

Apart from having mastery on acting, she is also a wonderful singer. And the news is that the young lass will be doing vocals in an upcoming movie, A Cinderella Story: Once upon a Song!

Well, what can I say?

Her hands are full of projects, and her bank balance would surely be climbing the graph. And if the Lucy-talk has brought alive the pretty little thirst in you, Pretty Little Liars download.

As simple as that!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Hannah says goodbye to both the men in her life!

pretty little liars
What could you possibly make out from the title?

Are you thinking exactly what I am trying to convey? Ok, wait!

Before you actually go astray thinking about any harum-scarum with whom Hanna may not even be related to, I will reveal to whom she is gonna bid adieu in Pretty Little Liars season 2 episode 8.

First, it will be Hanna’s father celebrating his wedding, thereby leaving Hanna all alone. So, her father is the first one Hanna will be saying goodbye to.

Secondly, since Hannah will be quite worried about Caleb’s plan of leaving the town. She might have to part ways from him as well.

I think Caleb needs to watch out, for he might end up losing a girl, who loves him unconditionally. Will this compel Caleb to reconsider his decision?

All will be revealed when the imminent batch airs officially!

Apart from Hanna’s predicaments, you will also see Emily surrounded by innumerable problems that she would find hard to handle on her part.

Emily had raised hopes of making it big in the upcoming swim meets, but the hopes spiraled down with the same ferocity just as they had ballooned earlier.

You will see her getting wind up in the hospital just as her father would come hoping to see her daughter in one of the biggest swim meets ever.

Though she will try her best to cope up with them, it remains to be seen what the outcome eventually be.

Will the liars be able to stand up to their respective quandaries and deal with them appropriately?

Or will they try and seek somebody’s help to pierce through the etymology of their issues? Figure out the answers yourselves as you follow ‘Save the Date’!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Pretty Little Liars Will Never Let Go!

Past has a peculiar habit of returning to ruffle the feathers of present. Even if it doesn’t have anything scary, it can give way to new troubles. And the upcoming episode of Pretty Little Liars will watch something similar, when Jessica Dilaurentis will retrace her steps to Rosewood.

The grieved mother of Allison would set foot in Rosewood, with a proposition in her mind. She would reach the girls, and ask them to join hands for a fashion event. Jessica wants to do it in the remembrance of her daughter. After some discussion and apprehension, the four girls will agree to her plea.

Their troubles would not come to an end, as ‘A’ would come back to haunt them.  They would be taken for a ride, with ‘A’ starting mind games.

Catch Pretty Little Liars season 2 episode 6 to see what shocks await the young girls.

Meanwhile, Aria would be walking the road that may bring a dead end to her relationship with Ezra. She has been spending quite a time with Jason, as Ezra has taken back seat for a while.

Will her relationship with Ezra suffer a blow because of Jason? Or is Jason just a friend in need? Well, I am not sure, but matters are not heading the right way for Ezra.

While dark clouds will be looming over their relationship, Spencer’s association with Toby would get stronger.

Naming the episode as Return would not have been a wrong choice, as another character may be seen tracing back her steps. Yes, I’m talking about Maya St. Germain, who may come back and give the show a whole new view!

Well, the present name, ‘Never Letting Go’, is also fine as it connotes much more. And in the end, it’s the content that matters, and Pretty Little Liars is always good at it.

A Relationship Hard To Digest!

It’s only the body that ages, for hearts are forever young in their emotions and love. So, if two people, who have some years between them, fall for each other, it should not come as a shock to anybody.

But to great astonishment, it does make us squirm when a youngster goes for an aged partner. And the same is happening with Pretty Little Liars.

Those, who have been following the Pretty Little Liars episodes, do not need to be told what brewed between Ezra and Aria in the last season.

The young lass Aria, and the not-so-young teacher Ezra, fell for each other in the vicinity of the school campus. Ezra got the shock of his life, when he came to know that she is a learner, and one whom he has to teach.

Keeping everything clandestine, both went on in their lives, and got to know each other. And in season 2, this relationship will only bloom, as Ezra has declared that he is moving away from the college.

The mentor-learner relationship gave people shrieks, as it does collide with the general perception on the behavior and regulations for teachers. But executive producer Marlene King is of the opinion that Pennsylvania will settle the matters for the couple.

Meanwhile, don’t forget that this show is not only about the couple, there is much more to it. The mist surrounding the ‘A’ would still have audience in haze. In a chit chat, Marlene King and the other executive producer Oliver Goldstick, made the revelation that ‘A’ is here to stay for a while, and that too under wraps!

So, don’t expect that the mystery that shrouds ‘A’ would be out in the open in this very season. There is still plenty to come.

The best to do for now is to download Pretty Little Liars, be a part of this mysterious ride, and put your own wits to know who ‘A’ is!

Saturday, 9 July 2011

La belle dames sans loyalty…. And that’s going to bring more tantrums for Rosewood girls!

You must have witnessed all the trials and tribulations undergone by the Rosewood liars. But have you ever tried to figure out why they find themselves in the clutches of trouble. The answer is simple, and is one of the striking traits in the character of the four girls. They are liars!

That’s right! This is one drawback among the beautiful dames, which has been dragging them to the pit of trouble ever since queen bee Alison went missing.

Pretty Little Liars season 2 episode 5 would see them entangled once again in an unforeseen problem. And the interesting thing is that as events would unfold they would realize that the devil who has been haunting them is just around.

Will we get to unmask mysterious “A?”

Let’s have a peek at the incidents, which are going to take place, to find out any such hint.

In ‘The Devil You Know’, as soon as the news of Ian being the culprit of Alison’s murder will come to light, all of Rosewood would seek for restoration of normalcy in the neighborhood.

In addition to that, Aria would try to be open about her relationship with Ezra. Will this liar have the guts to speak out the truth in public?

That’s something, which needs to be witnessed in the forthcoming blast of the teen mystery drama.

On the other hand, you will have Hanna confronting a baffling secret about Caleb's life. How will it affect their relationship? Get to know the consequence in the next episode.

Well, there doesn’t seem like any hint of mysterious “A” being the devil! And I feel that’s an indication of another evil entity. 

It looks like four Pretty Little Liars aren’t going to find any respite, because if a new devil pops with “A” nearby, then hell would seem a better abode for them.

Do you find any reason of not hooking up to the drama series this weekend?

Certainly not!

So, it’s a must-watch in any case, isn’t it?

Monday, 4 July 2011

The Liars May Be Pretty, But Their Lies Aren’t According To Blind Dates!

Blind Dates can be hurtful, and Lucas would certainly want to be on the side of people agreeing to that. Hanna was seen trying to amend her relationship with him earlier, and her idea to fix a date for Lucas in the upcoming episode of Pretty Little Liars was going to be one more step towards achieving that.

But, as they say, not all attempts produce fruitful results. As the date approaches, Hanna soon begins to realize that her help may not be too promising, and that it might also backfire. For Lucas, as I said, it will be hurtful.

Aria, on the other hand, isn’t facing such dilemmas. She encounters Jason, and the meeting turns out to be a rather good one, bringing back some long lost memories. What memories? Are we in for a surprise here? Check out the upcoming Pretty Little Liars season 2 episode 4 for answers!

Now, we have Emily in one of the most difficult situations ever, which, with some good help from Samara, turns into a better one. Emily was on the brink of spilling the truth about the fake letter after her mother was all but silent about her scholarship thing. She wanted to tell her that the entire thing was made-up.

Well, as it would turn out, she doesn’t need to. Better still, she would start seeing that things weren’t all that bad. Watch Samara help her, which is how Emily is able to keep the truth from her mother.

While Samara may have helped Emily escape a difficult situation, Spencer is having no such luck, and she would be seen expecting help from Wren. Will Wren be able to come to her rescue? Spencer is becoming increasingly tense about Melissa’s communication with Ian. What’s really going on between the two?

Catch all the answers in the upcoming episode of Pretty Little Liars, which would air on July 5, 2011!

Friday, 1 July 2011

Scooter Braun’s birthday bash was graced by Ashley Benson!

One of the beauties of Pretty Little Liars, Ashley was recently seen at Scooter Braun’s 30th birthday party. The 21-year-old actress was captured by Paparazzi when she was heading back to her car, hand in hand, with Ryan Good. The gorgeous babe was just looking smashing in her black attire. Well, the party was held at the Music Box Theater on Saturday night in Los Angeles. The main attraction of the evening was Justin Bieber, as the stunning hunk offered a surprising performance there, and spellbound all the guests present there.

Anyway, it was all about the party, but if we talk about Ashley, then one thing is for sure that Ashley must have tasted each and every item catered there, to the party-bees.

How can I be so sure about it?

Well, it’s the gal herself who says that she just loves food. Yup! Ashley is just reverse to her character on Pretty Little Liars episodes. Ashley says that she hardly cares about her calorie intake, and only believes in being healthy. Further, the gorgeous babe revealed that going on starving is something that she can not even think of doing in her wildest of dreams. Well, the same message she wants to give other girls as well.

The appealing actress states that sometimes she gets surprised on seeing herself on screen, as camera makes her look much more beautiful. Well, one can watch Pretty Little Liars online to savor the looks of hotter-than-hell Ashley.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Which Pretty Little Liars’ Name is ‘Trouble’?

Is it A or someone else who has arrived to intrigue the already beleaguered clique of Pretty Little Liars?

You never know, since the imminent batch will revolve around the same subject.

But, the title has surely given jitters to many. Every pretty enthusiast is thinking, whether it will be a little liar’s name or somebody else’s!

That can’t be figured out until the Pretty Little Liars season 2 episode 3 releases. Watch out guys, since it is expected to hit the screens on June 28.

I am really excited to catch up with it!

Well, to tell you something about its occurrences, you will witness Emily fooling her mother regarding her being the swimming scholar of her college.

On the other hand, Ezra will be constantly chased by Aria, while the latter seeks admission in the college pottery class, to remain in contact with the former.

So, I can sense a fling in the air. Can you? Well, it’s pretty evident!

Shifting your focus to Spencer; you will witness Alison’ brother being spied upon by Spencer!

Myriad hues of trouble and excitement will be concocted in such a way that the viewers are compelled to figure out whose name is trouble, right till the end.

So, do share how your journey was when you view the installment!

Till then, it’s me going in search for some more updates on the same! You can surely come back for more.

Monday, 20 June 2011

That Goodbye Look on the Faces of Pretty Little Liars!

Parting from someone can bring out the best in a relationship, and can even force a being to find the ways to avoid the situation. Something similar will be seen in the next episode of Pretty Little Liars!

The girls, who have stood by each other in every setting, would be seen having a really hard time staying together! When paths are set for Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer to walk on their own, they will come to know about the bond that they have shared all this while, and would find ways to evade the situation.

Emily, whose family is shifting base from Rosewood to Texas, would be seen having a hard time with the whole set up. Looking to avoid moving, she will stumble across a person who will pave the path for her.
 Would she be able to milk the opportunity in front of her, or will her family play spoilsport in the entire setup? Catch Pretty Little Liars season 2 episode 2 to see what events unfold with Emily.

Hanna would witness the homecoming of her father. While the atmosphere will change because of her father, she will see another window open in the form of Mona. She will ponder on all that has happened in the past, and would have thoughts about letting the past rest in peace.

Would she be able to forget what unfolded between them, and embrace Mona, or will all of this prove to be too much for her?

Spencer will lend her support to Toby, who is all charged up about taking a break from Rosewood and family matters. While this happens, Ezra will plead Aria to see him one last time so that he can bring the past to rest. But Aria would have her doubts about the meeting.

Pretty Little Liars will not be same from here on, as the girls may set out on entirely different paths!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Ashley Benson Never Goes Wrong!

Looking at the celebrities of the glamour world makes one envious over the attributes God has bestowed on them. In their perfect dresses and flawless make up, they just look heavenly. 
But on closer observation, one will find that these stars also have their share of bad hair days and wardrobe malfunctions. The list will cover a lot from the glitterati world, but there exist some souls that never go wrong with their fashion sense.

While, research may be going on to find the genes responsible for the attribute (just kidding), I will name one starlet who comes in the coveted list.

The name is - Ashley Benson.

Yes, the Pretty Little Liars star belongs to that rare breed.

And to justify my case, I will cite her recent appearance that she made on the premiere of the Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. The gorgeous lady was dressed in a short dress. The dress was an Alice + Olivia, and perfectly complemented the natural beauty of Ashley, who enthralled the audience in Pretty Little Liars with her beauty as well as acting skills.

Pretty Little Liars episodes would be a good source to warm one’s eyes on the beauty that has been sending ripples across the fashion world.

The widely acclaimed actor is also a model and has walked the ramp for one of the biggest brands. This may be the reason for her amazing dressing sense.

After all, experience speaks for itself. Want to experience it first hand?

Well, you can do that when you download Pretty Little Liars!