Monday, 22 August 2011

Dr. Sullivan – Hush! We Wanna Tell You Something!

pretty little liars season 2 episode 11
This has been an entertainer of sorts, to have come up on small screen with the perfect mix of ingredients of thrill, mystery and excitement!

Ugh! Do I have to go into rhetorical mode all over again! I shrug it you know!

Leave it. Just tune in to Pretty Little Liars season 2 episode 11as it goes on air, and catch up with the four gorgeous lasses dealing with a tough situation, yet again!

What is it with these girlies that reprieve seems to drift away from them, however hard they try to seek solace in their respective lives!

Should I assume it to be a conspiracy of fate that intends to teach a lesson to these four ladies in a harsh manner?

Or, is it the ploy of ‘A’ that is so very flawless, that it compels us to see its outcome, as we tend to take the download route so very often!

As per the proceedings of the previous batch, Emily seemed to have had enough of it when ‘A’ had turned up unexpectedly during her massage session at the spa!

Well, that scared the hell out of me, as I wondered how every nook and corner is accessible to ’A’!

Now Emily is in a hyperventilated mood, giving an impression to the rest of the trio - Aria, Hanna and Spencer that she cannot endure it any longer!

So it’s time for the bubble to burst in its entirety! Not really!

These four not-so-naïve gals would decide to tell it all to their counselor, Dr. Sullivan!

A fifth comrade in the making?

Well, that is what the turn of events seems to indicate!

Dr. Sullivan would be the vanguard of all those hushed-up secrets from now, hope she turns out to be a savior for these tragedy-struck girls!

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