Monday, 1 August 2011

Hannah says goodbye to both the men in her life!

pretty little liars
What could you possibly make out from the title?

Are you thinking exactly what I am trying to convey? Ok, wait!

Before you actually go astray thinking about any harum-scarum with whom Hanna may not even be related to, I will reveal to whom she is gonna bid adieu in Pretty Little Liars season 2 episode 8.

First, it will be Hanna’s father celebrating his wedding, thereby leaving Hanna all alone. So, her father is the first one Hanna will be saying goodbye to.

Secondly, since Hannah will be quite worried about Caleb’s plan of leaving the town. She might have to part ways from him as well.

I think Caleb needs to watch out, for he might end up losing a girl, who loves him unconditionally. Will this compel Caleb to reconsider his decision?

All will be revealed when the imminent batch airs officially!

Apart from Hanna’s predicaments, you will also see Emily surrounded by innumerable problems that she would find hard to handle on her part.

Emily had raised hopes of making it big in the upcoming swim meets, but the hopes spiraled down with the same ferocity just as they had ballooned earlier.

You will see her getting wind up in the hospital just as her father would come hoping to see her daughter in one of the biggest swim meets ever.

Though she will try her best to cope up with them, it remains to be seen what the outcome eventually be.

Will the liars be able to stand up to their respective quandaries and deal with them appropriately?

Or will they try and seek somebody’s help to pierce through the etymology of their issues? Figure out the answers yourselves as you follow ‘Save the Date’!

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