Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Pretty Little Liars Will Never Let Go!

Past has a peculiar habit of returning to ruffle the feathers of present. Even if it doesn’t have anything scary, it can give way to new troubles. And the upcoming episode of Pretty Little Liars will watch something similar, when Jessica Dilaurentis will retrace her steps to Rosewood.

The grieved mother of Allison would set foot in Rosewood, with a proposition in her mind. She would reach the girls, and ask them to join hands for a fashion event. Jessica wants to do it in the remembrance of her daughter. After some discussion and apprehension, the four girls will agree to her plea.

Their troubles would not come to an end, as ‘A’ would come back to haunt them.  They would be taken for a ride, with ‘A’ starting mind games.

Catch Pretty Little Liars season 2 episode 6 to see what shocks await the young girls.

Meanwhile, Aria would be walking the road that may bring a dead end to her relationship with Ezra. She has been spending quite a time with Jason, as Ezra has taken back seat for a while.

Will her relationship with Ezra suffer a blow because of Jason? Or is Jason just a friend in need? Well, I am not sure, but matters are not heading the right way for Ezra.

While dark clouds will be looming over their relationship, Spencer’s association with Toby would get stronger.

Naming the episode as Return would not have been a wrong choice, as another character may be seen tracing back her steps. Yes, I’m talking about Maya St. Germain, who may come back and give the show a whole new view!

Well, the present name, ‘Never Letting Go’, is also fine as it connotes much more. And in the end, it’s the content that matters, and Pretty Little Liars is always good at it.

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