Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A Relationship Hard To Digest!

It’s only the body that ages, for hearts are forever young in their emotions and love. So, if two people, who have some years between them, fall for each other, it should not come as a shock to anybody.

But to great astonishment, it does make us squirm when a youngster goes for an aged partner. And the same is happening with Pretty Little Liars.

Those, who have been following the Pretty Little Liars episodes, do not need to be told what brewed between Ezra and Aria in the last season.

The young lass Aria, and the not-so-young teacher Ezra, fell for each other in the vicinity of the school campus. Ezra got the shock of his life, when he came to know that she is a learner, and one whom he has to teach.

Keeping everything clandestine, both went on in their lives, and got to know each other. And in season 2, this relationship will only bloom, as Ezra has declared that he is moving away from the college.

The mentor-learner relationship gave people shrieks, as it does collide with the general perception on the behavior and regulations for teachers. But executive producer Marlene King is of the opinion that Pennsylvania will settle the matters for the couple.

Meanwhile, don’t forget that this show is not only about the couple, there is much more to it. The mist surrounding the ‘A’ would still have audience in haze. In a chit chat, Marlene King and the other executive producer Oliver Goldstick, made the revelation that ‘A’ is here to stay for a while, and that too under wraps!

So, don’t expect that the mystery that shrouds ‘A’ would be out in the open in this very season. There is still plenty to come.

The best to do for now is to download Pretty Little Liars, be a part of this mysterious ride, and put your own wits to know who ‘A’ is!

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