Friday, 1 July 2011

Scooter Braun’s birthday bash was graced by Ashley Benson!

One of the beauties of Pretty Little Liars, Ashley was recently seen at Scooter Braun’s 30th birthday party. The 21-year-old actress was captured by Paparazzi when she was heading back to her car, hand in hand, with Ryan Good. The gorgeous babe was just looking smashing in her black attire. Well, the party was held at the Music Box Theater on Saturday night in Los Angeles. The main attraction of the evening was Justin Bieber, as the stunning hunk offered a surprising performance there, and spellbound all the guests present there.

Anyway, it was all about the party, but if we talk about Ashley, then one thing is for sure that Ashley must have tasted each and every item catered there, to the party-bees.

How can I be so sure about it?

Well, it’s the gal herself who says that she just loves food. Yup! Ashley is just reverse to her character on Pretty Little Liars episodes. Ashley says that she hardly cares about her calorie intake, and only believes in being healthy. Further, the gorgeous babe revealed that going on starving is something that she can not even think of doing in her wildest of dreams. Well, the same message she wants to give other girls as well.

The appealing actress states that sometimes she gets surprised on seeing herself on screen, as camera makes her look much more beautiful. Well, one can watch Pretty Little Liars online to savor the looks of hotter-than-hell Ashley.

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