Saturday, 9 July 2011

La belle dames sans loyalty…. And that’s going to bring more tantrums for Rosewood girls!

You must have witnessed all the trials and tribulations undergone by the Rosewood liars. But have you ever tried to figure out why they find themselves in the clutches of trouble. The answer is simple, and is one of the striking traits in the character of the four girls. They are liars!

That’s right! This is one drawback among the beautiful dames, which has been dragging them to the pit of trouble ever since queen bee Alison went missing.

Pretty Little Liars season 2 episode 5 would see them entangled once again in an unforeseen problem. And the interesting thing is that as events would unfold they would realize that the devil who has been haunting them is just around.

Will we get to unmask mysterious “A?”

Let’s have a peek at the incidents, which are going to take place, to find out any such hint.

In ‘The Devil You Know’, as soon as the news of Ian being the culprit of Alison’s murder will come to light, all of Rosewood would seek for restoration of normalcy in the neighborhood.

In addition to that, Aria would try to be open about her relationship with Ezra. Will this liar have the guts to speak out the truth in public?

That’s something, which needs to be witnessed in the forthcoming blast of the teen mystery drama.

On the other hand, you will have Hanna confronting a baffling secret about Caleb's life. How will it affect their relationship? Get to know the consequence in the next episode.

Well, there doesn’t seem like any hint of mysterious “A” being the devil! And I feel that’s an indication of another evil entity. 

It looks like four Pretty Little Liars aren’t going to find any respite, because if a new devil pops with “A” nearby, then hell would seem a better abode for them.

Do you find any reason of not hooking up to the drama series this weekend?

Certainly not!

So, it’s a must-watch in any case, isn’t it?

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