Monday, 27 June 2011

Which Pretty Little Liars’ Name is ‘Trouble’?

Is it A or someone else who has arrived to intrigue the already beleaguered clique of Pretty Little Liars?

You never know, since the imminent batch will revolve around the same subject.

But, the title has surely given jitters to many. Every pretty enthusiast is thinking, whether it will be a little liar’s name or somebody else’s!

That can’t be figured out until the Pretty Little Liars season 2 episode 3 releases. Watch out guys, since it is expected to hit the screens on June 28.

I am really excited to catch up with it!

Well, to tell you something about its occurrences, you will witness Emily fooling her mother regarding her being the swimming scholar of her college.

On the other hand, Ezra will be constantly chased by Aria, while the latter seeks admission in the college pottery class, to remain in contact with the former.

So, I can sense a fling in the air. Can you? Well, it’s pretty evident!

Shifting your focus to Spencer; you will witness Alison’ brother being spied upon by Spencer!

Myriad hues of trouble and excitement will be concocted in such a way that the viewers are compelled to figure out whose name is trouble, right till the end.

So, do share how your journey was when you view the installment!

Till then, it’s me going in search for some more updates on the same! You can surely come back for more.

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