Tuesday, 2 August 2011

How Lucy Hale Came To Be Hailed!

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Making big in today’s competitive world is not a simple task. Try to climb the stair of success, and many hands would suddenly appear to pull you down. But there are some people who have toiled hard for their dreams, and have managed to rise like a phoenix, after every fall.

Lucy Hale is one such young starlet, who has tasted the fruit of glory with her perseverance and dedication.

Today, she is a known name in the television industry, and has proved her talent and acting prowess in Pretty Little Liars episodes.

But, most of us are only familiar with her meteoric rise and completely oblivious of her struggle to make a name in cinema world.

So buckle up, and read on to know what all Lucy has seen to reach the present stage of stardom.

The name her parents gave her is Karen Lucille Hale. Most of her earlier years were spent in Memphis, Tennessee. As she grew up, she acknowledged having a fascination for stage work.

Before landing the career-changing role in Pretty Little Liars, she became a part of many television shows, but was not able to explore her talent. Then came, the teenage television series, in which she portrays the character of Aria Montgomery.

In year 2010, her hard work paid, and she bagged Teen Choice Award for her role!

Apart from having mastery on acting, she is also a wonderful singer. And the news is that the young lass will be doing vocals in an upcoming movie, A Cinderella Story: Once upon a Song!

Well, what can I say?

Her hands are full of projects, and her bank balance would surely be climbing the graph. And if the Lucy-talk has brought alive the pretty little thirst in you, Pretty Little Liars download.

As simple as that!

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