Saturday, 6 August 2011

Turbulence Continues At Rosewood!

pretty little liars
Woes of these four beauteous girls, don’t hint at ending any sooner!

The mystery of ‘A’ continues, as the whirlwind of doubt seems to take in its grip Spencer’s father this time!
Well, that was the connivance of one of the previous batches, when a hockey stick emerged from the barn of Spencer’s house.

This inanimate object, as discovered by Toby, pointed fingers at Spencer’s father, as he fell into the suspicion trap for Alison’s murder!

Catch up with Pretty Little Liars season 2 episode 9 once it is aired and catch up with this intriguing teen drama that seems to get interesting with every passing day.

Just like all the erstwhile installments of the show, this upcoming batch is also a must watch, since Jason would be scrutinized thoroughly.

Jason, Alison’s brother, has been a more or less antagonistic character ever since he has made a foray into Rosewood. Even in the first season, he had tried to blackmail Spencer by saying that he knew some of their deeply buried secrets via Alison.

The upcoming batch would showcase Spencer intruding into Jason’s house along with Emily, in the hope of finding something that this obnoxious lad might be hiding!

Meanwhile, a weird love angle is being formed between Aria and Jason.

This development would definitely pose questions to the very relationship between Aria and Ezra.

Could this be another sinister machination of Jason yielding its result, since Aria continues to be attracted towards him?

If this love does develop into something serious, then the pretty, little, liars would be confronted with real tough days ahead!

Meanwhile, Hanna helps Caleb arrive at a decision regarding his family, with certain doubts coming into her mind, related to her own family.

Oh! That happens, falling into a dilemma while helping someone else cope with a quagmire!

It seems pandemonium would continue to rule the roost, at least for a while, at Rosewood!

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